Our team has considerable experience working with clients as they navigate both planned and unplanned life transitions. These changes characteristically involve significant financial transactions, be it a multi-million-dollar business transaction/sale, the infusion of newly found money from an inheritance/home sale/insurance settlement, or having to manage the impact of a family member’s job loss, disability, or illness. 

These transitions, regardless of whether the financial implications are positive or negative, often bring associated stress and uncertainty. Our job is to play an advocacy role to assist with the changes and to map out a clear and tangible plan as we work through the transition with you, providing peace of mind and financial confidence.

These are just some of the life events that we specialize in:

Business Sale/Business Succession Planning
Managing Inheritance Proceeds
Navigating Insurance Settlements
Supporting you through Divorce or Separation
Working through the Death of a Loved One
Assisting your family in the case of job loss, disability, or illness
Becoming/Acting as a Power of Attorney



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