Nyles Moisson

Executive Assistant

Nyles strives daily to provide exceptional financial service and guidance to every client with the ultimate goal of adding value to their lives through diligence and transparency. Nyles's focus is to build relationships with clients, understand their needs, and provide tailored solutions to help them achieve their goals.

Nyles graduated from the University of Victoria (UVIC) with a bachelor’s degree in economics with a focus on the principles of market supply/demand, cost-benefit analysis, and economic policy.  Nyles is fully licensed as a Wealth Associate and is able to support our clients with trade orders, update meetings, and in building investment and financial planning recommendations.  Nyles joins the Kalinka Group with over 3 years of brokerage industry experience.

Outside the office, Nyles is an accomplished tennis player, having played Division 1 Men's Tennis for the University of Nevada-Reno, USA, prior to returning home to UVIC. Nyles also enjoys playing classical guitar, biking, skiing, and traveling abroad.